Updating Rx Firmware

The Rx firmware is updated from the transmitter. The process of putting the transmitter into Rx firmware upgrade mode for the H7000 and FPV1 is slightly different, once the upgrade mode is activated the rest of the procedure is the same regardless of transmitter model.

The below steps show you how to update the Rx firmware on the H109s;

  1. Connect your transmitter to your computer via USB. For the FPV1 it will be the only micro USB port on the transmitter. For the H7000 it will be the left hand micro USB port when looking at the top of the transmitter with the screen facing your body.
  2. For the H7000 hold the right stick in the down left position (7 o’clock position) then press the start and power buttons at the same time. For the FPV1 hold the right stick down and left (7 o’clock position) then press the enter button and switch the power switch to the on position. If the process is done properly the screen will display the text “upgrade Rx mode V2” on the H7000 OLED screen or the FPV1 screen.
  3. Now open upgrade tools version 2. Click connect once its connected to your transmitter power up your drone and leave for a few seconds. Then click open file and select the correct firmware version. Click upgrade. These instructions will be displayed on your transmitter.
  4. The progress bar will increment on your computer screen once it reaches 100% the upgrade is complete. The Transmitter should display the text “upgrade finished“.
  5. Now power off the drone and transmitter.


The below video will show the process using H7000 transmitter. The process is the same for FPV1 apart from when you put the transmitter in to Rx upgrade mode.