Updating H7000 Firmware

H7000 Tx firmware can be updated; to do so you will need to download the firmware from the resources section and the Update Tool Version 2.

Like all firmware updates if you loose power or pull the USB lead out during the update process your H7000 could be bricked. Ensure you use the correct firmware i.e. don’t upload the FC firmware to the Tx it could brick your transmitter.

Follow the below steps to update the firmware;

  1. If you battery is connected disconnect it for at least 10 seconds (Very important).
  2. Connect the battery.
  3. Connect to your computer via USB. If you look at the top of the H7000 their are 2 USB sockets. With the H7000’s screen pointing towards you plug your USB lead in to the left port. Watch the video if in doubt.
  4. Pull the right stick down to the 6 o’clock position and press the Power and Start button simultaneously.
  5. Release the buttons and stick. The power button should now start to flash red. If the H7000 boots up it has not worked. Both screens should remain blank with just the power button flashing red. If you need to redo the procedure start at step 1 where you remove the battery. If you don’t remove the battery it will never work.
  6. Open Update Tools Version 2, click connect once the tool is connected click “open file” and select the correct firmware. Press the upgrade button once the firmware is selected. Wait for the update to finish and follow the on-screen calibration instructions then press the start button and the Transmitter will switch on. If it fails try again starting at step 1.
  7. Go into the Tx settings menu (instructions here) and check the calibration of both sticks. 0 will be the minimum value and 255 will be the maximum value. If the sticks are not calibrated properly restart the transmitter in calibration mode (instructions here).
  8. Now update your Rx firmware on the quad with a compatible version.


Be aware that when you update the H7000 you will also need to update the Rx firmware on the H109s.