Startup and Compass Calibration

This is the most important part of your flight. Don’t rush this and make sure you do it properly. If it’s not done properly the chances of you loosing control and crashing are increased. Follow the below steps and understand why each one is carried out, with this knowledge you will massively decrease the chance of crashing due to incorrect set up (you still could crash tho 🙁 ).

Firstly put the drone on a flat surface, insert the battery and connect it. Once the battery is connected do not move or knock the drone. It will calibrate the gyroscope and barometer. After 30 seconds or when the LEDs start to flash red in a circular motion turn the camera on and pick the drone up then calibrate the compass.

EDIT: With FC firmware Version 1.1.25 the drone will not calibrate the Gyro unless it is on a flat surface. using this firmware the LEDs will light up yellow when the Gyro is being calibrated. If they flash more than 3 times it means that the drone is not on a flat surface and you must put it on a flat surface. This is a great addition to the drone because a lot of flight related issues were due incorrect calibration.

The below video shows you the best way to calibrate the compass (This video was recommended by Hubsan customer support);

Make sure you do the same as the video by rotating your body and not just rotating the drone with one arm. I used to calibrate my drones using one arm and the results were hit and miss. Since seeing the above video I always do it that way and it is much more accurate with better consistency.

Once the compass is calibrated tuck the battery wires in and close the battery bay door. Check the compass accuracy with a phone app to ensure that the compass is calibrated properly. If the compass not calibrated turn the transmitter on and pull down on the left stick then switch the GPS switch on and off 7 – 10 times (in quick succession) when the drone lights start to flash red in a circular motion you can calibrate the compass again. Turn the transmitter off to avoid GPS signal lost messages when calibrating the compass.

Turn the transmitter on and hover in GPS mode for 30 seconds to ensure that the drone is stable. If the drone is not stable land it, power cycle and repeat the above steps.

I usually put the props on once calibration is compete to stop them getting in the way but its up to you when you do this.

The LED indication section of this website will have a full breakdown of what the LEDs mean when they light and flash various colours.

Go to the Pre-Flight checklist to see a list of pre and post flight checks.