LED indications

These LED indications are for the latest firmware version 1.1.25

On startup

When power is applied the LEDs will light up WHITE. Each ESC will beep and the Hubsan logo will flash. The drone is carrying out self tests. Testing each ESC and the flight control systems.

When the self test is completed the LEDs will flash YELLOW. This is when the drone is calibrating the Gyro and Barometer. If the drone is uneven or moves during this process the LEDs will carry on flashing until the drone is kept still. If they don’t stop flashing power cycle the drone.

When the Gyro and Barometer is calibrated the LEDs will flash RED in a circular motion. This is when you need to calibrate the compass hirizontaly.

Once this is done the LEDs will flash GREEN on alternate sides. This mean you must calibrate the compass vertically.

In flight

Front LEDs WHITE, rear LEDs YELLOW. The drone is in altitude hold mode.

Front LEDs WHITE, rear LEDs GREEN. The drone is in GPS hold mode.

Front LEDs WHITE, rear LEDs PURPLE. The drone has lost its data signal from the transmitter.

LEDs turn RED momentarily during flight. Low voltage detected coming from the battery. This could indicate a dying battery or that the battery is low on charge.

The LEDs can be switched off by holding the throttle trim down.