Updating FPV1 Firmware

Firmware on the FPV1 can be uspdated. Ensure that you also update the Rx firmware on your done once the FPV1 has been updated.

Please note that if you interrupt the update process you can brick the transmitter. If you put the incorrect type of firmware on the FPV1 it can result in it being bricked.

To update the firmware follow the below instructions;

  1. Connect FPV1 to your computer via USB
  2. Put the right stick in the down right position, press the enter button and switch the power switch to the on position.
  3. The red power LED should flash and the FPV1 should remain off.
  4. Open update tool version 2, click “connect” then “open file” and select the firmware to upload. Once the firmware is selected click the “upgrade” button.
  5. Once the upgrade is complete the progress bar will show 100% and the power LED will be green. Switch the FPV1 the on and check the firmware version from the menu to check that the update worked correctly.
  6. Now update the Rx on the drone with the corresponding version.

The below video shows this process;