Flight Check-list and First Flight


Before leaving home (Easier to fix problems at home then at flight site).

  • Check K Index (<5) (Solar Activity which can affect GPS) Kp Index App.
  • All frame screws tight and in place.
  • Prop Check. No nicks or hairline fractures,
  • Do a spin up, check Props; look at prop tips from the side, looking for any prop wobble.
  • Check control stick operation. Should see drone trying to react.
  • Listen to motors for any unusual sound.
  • Check that the camera gimbal is functioning properly.
  • Flight Batteries fully charged and balanced.


  • Antennas on correctly and tight.
  • Prop check.
  • Plug in drone battery on level ground; don’t move for at least 30 seconds (you’re calibrating the Gyro & Barometer). Watch LEDs, they will indicate when that calibration is complete.
  • Transmitter switches in lower position, Turn on transmitter. Might want to calibrate transmitter (takes a second).
  • Calibrate compass – compare with phone app that also shows the GPS
  • Check transmitter display for proper values. If not, bind transmitter to quad.
  • Check switches for proper display.
  • Satellites available. (I Like AR Compass). Calibrate Compass with camera on, in record mode. (Camera and gimbal can create noise that may affect compass settings.)
  • Check gimbal, switch on camera.
  • Check number of GPS satellites (> 6)
  • LEDs on correctly
  • Secure battery wires.
  • Start motors – GPS OFF
  • Take off, turn on GPS and hover a few feet. for about 30 seconds., ensure craft is stable. If Not Land, power cycle and re calibrate compass.

Have a Great Flight. Please Fly Responsible


  • Motor shut off, disconnect battery.
  • Camera off.
  • Transmitter – all switches down, trims to neutral, turn off.
  • Check props – clean off bugs. If you don’t have to remove props at least loosen them to insure they don’t get so tight you can’t remove them when needed.
  • Clean motors –Air in a Can.

I always switch the drone on and calibrate the compass before switching the transmitter on. This stops the GPS lost warning on the H7000 when calibrating the compass if you inadvertently put your hand over the GPS antenna.

Take the first flight steady make sure your controller is in the mode you feel comfortable with either mode 1 or mode 2 (check our mode 1 or mode 2 guide).