Battery Maintenance

LiPo batteries have a high discharge rate, high capacity and don’t suffer from memory affect, this makes them ideal for drones. LiPo’s are volatile and a faulty battery can burst into flames with little to no warning. It is important that they are stored in fireproof LiPo battery bags and that the batteries are charged in an area where flammable items are not present. You should never charge LiPo batteries unattended.

If the LiPo gets hot when on charge or starts to bulge dispose of it immediately and purchase a replacement.

LiPo’s should always be stored at room temperature and at between 40% – 60% charge. With a 3s LiPo that would be around 11.4 volts or 3.8 volts per cell. When the battery is fully charged it will be 4.2 volts per cell or 12.6 volts for a 3s battery. I would suggest getting a LiPo Battery Voltage Tester; they can be picked up for a couple of quid and are very useful.

The Hubsan stock charger isn’t very good. It doesn’t balance the cells properly and it wont discharge the batteries. I suggest getting a charger that will balance the cells better and allow you to discharge the batteries if you cant use them once they’re charged.

If you have a H7000 that has a 2s LiPo that should be kept at 40% – 60% charge when stored. I carry a 300mAh 2s LiPo as an emergency battery in case the H7000 battery fails. If it fails the 300mAh battery will give me enough juice to get the drone home safely (I don’t trust the automatic RTH mode).

If your LiPo’s are looked after properly they will last for years. If they aren’t they will last for months. Don’t keep the batteries fully charged for more than 2 days.

I rotate 3 LiPo’s for my H109s that gives me over an hour of flight time and allows me to get the video footage I need. I will usually spend 20 minutes doing a recce with the stock camera of the area I’m flying in either GPS or ALT mode. Once I’m happy I land change the battery and set up a way point course on the H7000, put a better quality camera on the drone and then let the drone do all the work once the way point course has been activated. I use the third LiPo if I need extra footage or if the first attempt is unsuccessful.

The Hubsan LiPo’s are quite expensive this one from Hobbyking is a good alternative. Its good value at half the price and its shorter so it will be easier to close that awkward battery door. The only downsize is that it has less capacity at 5200mAh.