Binding the Transmitter

The H7000 can be binded to your drone or to another drone (it also works for the H501).

Press the power button and start button simultaneously with the drone and H7000 powered off. The OLED display will come on displaying the text “bind to plane” when you see this put the drone close to the H7000 and power on the drone. After a few seconds it will bind and the transmitter OLED screen will show the usual text.

To carry this out using FPV1 from an off state press the enter button and switch the power switch to the on position the transmitter will turn on with the text “bind to plane” on its screen the rest of the binding process is the same as the H7000.

When binding the transmitters power is decreased this is why the drone must be close to the transmitter. The drone will look for a transmitter for around 5 seconds. If it doesn’t find one it will carry out self calibration as normal if this happens before its binded then power off the drone and transmitter then start again. Make sure that the drone is close enough to the transmitter bareing in mind that the Tx power is decreased.

If the transmitter boots up normally power it down and retry the procedure.

The below video shows the binding process with the FPV1 and a H501s.